000021752 - How to remove RSA ACE/Server 5.2 from a UNIX system

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Article Number000021752
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server 5.2
Sun Solaris
IssueHow to remove RSA ACE/Server 5.2 from a UNIX system
ResolutionThere are several step required to uninstall an RSA ACE/Server from UNIX, as follows:

1. Stop the RSA ACE/Server services and database brokers as a Super User (i.e. root). Type:

   ACEPROG/aceserver stop
   ACEPROG/sdconnect stop

   * ACEPROG refers to the <top-level directory>/ace/prog directory

2. Remove two symbolic links related to two files - libsdxauthr.so | sdace.txt:

   rm -f /usr/lib/libsdxauthr.so
   rm -f /etc/sdace.txt

3. Remove the ace directory and all sub-directories:

   cd <top-level directory> (e.g. /opt/ace52)
   rm -rf ace

4. Remove the following services in the /etc/services file using an editor (e.g. vi):

   securid                5500/udp
   securidprop_00        5505/tcp
   securidprop_01        5506/tcp
   securidprop_02        5507/tcp
   securidprop_03        5508/tcp
   securidprop_04        5509/tcp
   securidprop_05        5510/tcp
   securidprop_06        5511/tcp
   securidprop_07        5512/tcp
   securidprop_08        5513/tcp
   securidprop_09        5514/tcp
   securidprop_10        5515/tcp
   sdlog                        5520/tcp
   sdserv                5530/tcp
   sdreport                5540/tcp
   sdadmind                5550/tcp
   sdlockmgr                5560/tcp
   sdcommd                5570/tcp

optional services to remove from /etc/services:

   tacacs                49/tcp         #TACACS+
   radius                1645/udp     #RADIUS

5. (optional) Modify kernel parameters to remove kernel changes for RSA ACE/Server. NOTE: Use caution when changing kernel parameters, as other installed applications on your system may require the current kernel parameters. Consult with your system administrator and refer to the operating system documentation for information on modifying the kernel parameters to default values.

NOTE: Appendix A in the RSA ACE/Server 5.2 for UNIX Installation Guide provides the minimum values required for modifying the kernel on the assumption that the UNIX system was dedicated to running RSA ACE/Server software.

Please contact RSA Security Customer Support if you are experiencing any difficulties removing RSA ACE/Server software from a UNIX system.
WorkaroundRemoving RSA ACE/Server from a UNIX system
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