000026178 - Error: 'Unable to complete decoding operation' when submitting PKCS10 from Enrollment server in Keon Certificate Authority or RSA Certificate Manager

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Article Number000026178
Applies ToRSA Certificate Manager 6.6
RSA Certificate Manager 6.7
RSA Certificate Manager 6.8
RSA Certificate Manager (RCM)
RSA Keon Certificate Authority
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
IssueError: "Unable to complete decoding operation" when submitting PKCS10 from Enrollment server in Keon Certificate Authority or RSA Certificate Manager
The following error shows when attempting to submit a PKCS#10 certificate request on Keon Certificate Authority (KCA) enrollment page:

Program Error
!PKCS10Parse(): [XrcDECODINGFAILURE] unable to complete decoding operation. XudaParsePKCS10Request(): [XrcDECODINGFAILURE: unable to complete decoding operation]
The ASN.1 parsing of the PKCS#10 request showed the following information on Email address encoding:

002c: 06 09 <5> Object Identifier 9 octets = E-mail Address
002e: 2a 8648 86f70d 01 09 01 {1.2.840.113549.1.9.1}
0037: 0c 0d <5> UTF8 String 13 octets
CauseAs per RFC 3280 (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc3280.html) and the latest RFC 5280 (http://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/rfc5280/), Email should be of type 'IA5String' and countryname should be a PrintableString.  RSA Certificate Manager generated a decoding failure error due to the request not conforming to RFC3280/RFC5280.
ResolutionCorrect the application generating the PKCS#10 request so that the email address and/or countryname in PKCS10 request is coded as an IA5String instead of UTF8 String.  A PKCS10 request with proper encoding will go through RSA Certificate Manager without an error.
WorkaroundJava Programming language was used to encode the UTF-8 String of E-Mail Address in the PKCS10 request
The countryname should be encoded as Printable String only. Please refer
http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3280.txt, Page 96, it is mentioned as:

id-at-countryName       AttributeType ::= { id-at 6 }
X520countryName ::=     PrintableString (SIZE (2))
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