000021566 - How to set SubjectAltName cert extension via RSA Keon Certificate Authority OneStep plugin KCSOSD_EXTENSION parameter

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Article Number000021566
Applies ToKeon Certificate Authority OneStep 6.5.1
Keon Certificate Authority OneStep Build 229 adds the ability to set certificate extensions
Extension data can be created within OneStep plugins using KCA-API functions and then passed to the OneStep executable via the KCSOSD_EXTENSION parameter
Sample plugin source flatdemo.c contains several example certificate extensions
IssueHow to set SubjectAltName cert extension via RSA Keon Certificate Authority OneStep plugin KCSOSD_EXTENSION parameter
There is no RSA Keon Certificate Authority API sample for creating a SubjectAltName extension with the 'otherName' type
Creating a SubjectAltName otherName type is documented in the RSA Keon Certificate Authority API Guide, but without an example, it is not obvious how to translate the description into code
ResolutionThe following code can be added to the addExtensions function in flatdemo.c to add this type of extension:

/******************* Create SubjectAltName Extension (otherName) ******************/


/* SubjectAltName List */

xrc = XudaXTInstance ( XPTList, &xanyList);

if (xrc!=XrcOK)

return xrc;

xrc = XudaXTInstance ( XPTList, &xanyOtherNameList);

if (xrc!=XrcOK)

return xrc;

xrc = XudaXTInstance ( XPTList, &xanyValueList);

if (xrc!=XrcOK)

return xrc;


XudaXPTListAdd(xanyOtherNameList, XudaXPTUTF8Temp("otherName"));

//value (otherNameObject)

XudaXPTListAdd(xanyValueList, XudaXPTUTF8Temp("typeid"));

XudaXPTListAdd(xanyValueList, XudaXPTUTF8Temp("oid"));

//example oid

XudaXPTListAdd(xanyValueList, XudaXPTUTF8Temp(""));

XudaXPTListAdd(xanyValueList, XudaXPTUTF8Temp("value"));

XudaXPTListAdd(xanyValueList, XudaXPTUTF8Temp("utf8String"));

XudaXPTListAdd(xanyValueList, XudaXPTUTF8Temp("walker@ghn.org"));

XudaXPTListAdd(xanyOtherNameList, xanyValueList);


XudaXPTListAdd(xanyList, xanyOtherNameList);



now create the extension by passing the list of name/value pairs


xrc = XudaCreateGeneralNamesExtension(EXTENSION_SUB_ALT_NAME_OID,

0, /* boolean - 1 if critical */




/* get the raw data and data length for the extension */

xrc = XudaXPTOctetsGet(xaExtension, &data, &dataLen);

if (xrc != XrcOK) goto cleanup;

/* pass extension generated back to onestep as name-value pair */

sprintf(name, "%s%d", KCSOSD_EXTENSION, ++suffix);

status = pInterface->InsertEntry(pInterface->NVlist, name, data, dataLen);



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