000021504 - How to quickly test to ensure ACE SecurID database replication is working correctly

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Article Number000021504
Applies ToRSA Authentication Manager
RSA ACE/Server
RSA ACE/Server processes
Upgrade Replica
New install of Replica
Replica Package
Primary and Replica
Replication Management
IssueHow to quickly test to ensure Replica is working in RSA ACE/Server
A simple test to verify that the Primary ACE/Server database changes replicates to Replicas
Successfully added replica to replication management
Replica package problems after performing upgrade

A quick and dirty method of checking that your replica is functioning:

NOTE:          Do not run replication management Host or Remote Mode on or to the Replica until the initial replication pass has completed. Waiting 10 minutes for the database synchronization to complete (after first starting the Replica when a new package was set up for it to synchronize with) should be a safe rule of thumb, prior to doing the following.

1.  Use remote administration on the replica and log in with your administrator token

2.  Upon successful login, you should be able to connect to the Primary in Write access mode, and the Replica in Read access mode

3.  Add a test user to the Primary ACE/Server (a last name and default login ID is sufficient)

4.  Within 2 minutes you should be able to view that test user on the Replica when you use the View user option


OR:              If you wish not to add a new / test user you can perform the same functionality using a ?Group? or ?Agent Host? any database change that you could easily see on your replica will work. Please note for house keeping of you system please delete the ?dummy? User, Group, or Agent Host after testing via your Primary Database Administration session.

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