000021883 - Shutdown of ACE/Server fails

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Article Number000021883
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
IssueACE/Server process does not shutdown
Command "sdconnect stop" indicates sessions still connected
Command `sdconnect shutdown` hangs waiting to close session.
ResolutionNOTE: This solution may not pertain to ACE/Server releases 3.3 and above. sdconnect clean and/or sdconnect shutdown should be tried first.

Progress provides a database utility to allow the connections to be closed and the database shutdown. This should be used as a last resort because the utility is very powerful.

On UNIX, the user needs to set environment variables with the following commands:
(using Bourne or Korn shell, for example)
. /etc/sdace.txt
ACE=`dirname $VAR_ACE`

Then run the command
$DLC/bin/_mprshut -0 $VAR_ACE/sdserv

ON Windows NT, the user should bring up a command window and `cd` to the \ace\rdbms32\bin directory and then run
the command
_mprshut -0 \ace\data\sdserv

This should give the user a menu of options - option 8 should be shutdown the database. Selecting this option shows a list of connected processes and a short submenu of options. Entries with "User ID's" of "apw" and "biw" are the main database brokers. The user should not need to worry about these two, but look at the processes called "batch" - these are things live _sdadmind, _aceserver etc.

For UNIX : Each of these can be selected by their user number and closed down. When left with just the APW and BIW processes the user should be able to go back to the command line and use the `sdconnect shutdown` command, which will then close the database down safely without loss of information.

For Windows NT: Choose the 'Emergency Shutdown' option. This should close everything down. Make sure the ACE/Server is not set to automatically start and then reboot the Windows NT system. When the system is back up, test that the ACE/Server can start and stop manually before re-setting automatic startup.
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