000025728 - Install fails  'UnsatisfiedLinkError exception loading native library: njni10'

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Article Number000025728
Applies ToRSA Authentication Manager 7.1
Red Hat Linux AS/ES 4.0
Sun Solaris 10
IssueInstall on Linux fails, "UnsatisfiedLinkError exception loading native library: njni10"

Error in the RSAAuthenticationManager/install/logs/config/config_trace.log file:

09 May 16:34:50.145 ERROR - Main Thread - config.ConfigUtil - Failed configuration command execution
com.rsa.installfwrk.config.exception.ConfigurationException: Failed configuration command execution

        at com.rsa.installfwrk.config.ConfigEngine.execute(ConfigEngine.java:223)

        at com.rsa.installfwrk.config.ConfigUtil.runConfig(ConfigUtil.java:53)

        at com.rsa.installfwrk.config.ConfigUtil.main(ConfigUtil.java:35)

Caused by: com.rsa.installfwrk.common.command.exception.CommandException: Failed to create database listener

        at com.rsa.installfwrk.config.command.CreateDBListenerCmd.execute(CreateDBListenerCmd.java:47)

        at com.rsa.installfwrk.config.ConfigEngine.execute(ConfigEngine.java:185)

        ... 2 more

Caused by: com.rsa.installfwrk.config.exception.ConfigurationException: Failed to create listener

        at com.rsa.installfwrk.config.utils.OracleDbUtility.CreateListener(OracleDbUtility.java:282)

        at com.rsa.installfwrk.config.utils.OracleDbUtility.CreateListener(OracleDbUtility.java:256)

        at com.rsa.installfwrk.config.command.CreateDBListenerCmd.execute(CreateDBListenerCmd.java:44)

        ... 3 more


Error in the RSAAuthentication Manager/install/logs/config/config.out file:

UnsatisfiedLinkError exception loading native library: njni10



java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: jniGetOracleHome

        at oracle.net.common.NetGetEnv.jniGetOracleHome(Native Method)

        at oracle.net.common.NetGetEnv.getOracleHome(Unknown Source)

        at oracle.net.ca.NetCA.main(Unknown Source)

Oracle Net Services configuration failed.  The exit code is -1

CauseThe minimum install for RedHat requires the following packages at install. 

Compatibility Arch Development Support
Compatibility Arch Support

For Linux or Solaris: The system may have HP OpenView installed.
ResolutionAdd the packages above, then run the RSAAuthenticationManager/uninstall/uninstall.sh script. (You may find it easier just to re-install the OS)  Delete the install folder and reinstall. 
If HP OpenView is installed and /usr/lib/libdce.so exists, or is in the PATH rename it, then do a fresh install of AM. (AM-16110)
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