000018908 - Installation aborts when upgrading to RSA ACE/Server 5.0

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Article Number000018908
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server 5.0 (no longer supported as of 8-15-2004)
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
IssueInstallation aborts when upgrading to RSA ACE/Server 5.0
Log database fails to load while upgrading to RSA ACE/Server 5.0
Error: "Loading table: SDSyslogCriteriaDelta ** "sdtrig.pl<<tdsl_cre.r>>" was not found. (293) (SQL message) Unable to load syslog criteria delta record (-1).No records. Aborting Procedure. Aborting migration. Aborting sdsetup."
The log database and delta records cannot be loaded in RSA ACE/Server 5.0 by rolling upgrade
CauseDuring the upgrade log database cannot be loaded into RSA ACE/Server 5.0 as the log tables are different in previous versions. NOTE: Before upgrading the current ACE/Server, run sddump with server option and create sdserv.dmp file. Along with sdserv.dmp file, license.rec file should be saved in a safe location. In case, the upgrade to ACE/Server 5.0 fails, the database can be restored using these two files.
ResolutionThe following troubleshooting steps are same on NT and UNIX. The concepts are same but syntax might vary.

1. Stop the ace/server. Verify that no ACE/Server process is running. For more information, see the solution regarding RSA ACE/Server cannot be started - sdconnect fails.

2. Run sddump -s  [when prompted, type server - this will create sdserv.dmp file]

3. Make a backup copy of license.rec file from ace/data

4. Make a backup of sdlog *.* [ .bi, .db, .lg, .lic, .vrs] files

5. Run sdnewdb -l   in ace/prog directory [this will remove the log database]. This will prompt with options server and log. Type the word log.

6. Run sdcompress -s -x  [this will remove the delta records from the server database and do database compression]

7. Make sure that etc/services , etc/system files have been modified as mentioned in page 28 in RSA ACE/Server 5.0 for UNIX Installation Guide. Installation guide.
Correct and annotated example of ACE/Server 5.0 Services file

8. Run sdsetup -primary (to upgrade the server to 5.0)

9. If the script runs successfully, verify version.txt in ace/prog directory

10. If the RSA ACE/Server upgrades to 5.0 but the database is not loaded or users are not loaded, using sdserv.dmp and license.rec file manually load the database into RSA ACE/Server 5.0

How to migrate RSA ACE/Server database on UNIX from one machine to another
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