000016591 - Installation of patch fails on Appliance 2.0

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Article Number000016591
Applies ToSecurID Appliance 2.0
IssueInstallation of patch fails on Appliance 2.0
Error: "The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open."
Stopping the Windows Management Instrumentation service does not help.Restarting the WMI service resulted in same error.
Resolution1.Log in as non-SecurID challenge administrative user. If you can log in locally on to appliance using RSALocalAdmin account, you can skip to step 3.

Note: Appliance is shipped with only one local account. RSALocalAdmin is a local account and this account does not have the appropriate group membership to login   via RDP.
a. You can add RSALocalAdmin user to a remote users. So that using RSALocalAdmin account, you can login via RDP.
b. You can create another local admin account on Appliance machine ( computer management) and give that new account group membership of remote users, to give the ability of logging via RDP.
2. Disable SecurID challenge in RSA Security Center.
3. RSA control Panel ? > Stop all services. Close the RSA Control panel.
4. Administrative tools ---> services ? > Make all RSA services manual.
       Stop RSA pipe service and make it manual.
       Stop RSA Agent local and offline service stop and make it manual.
5. Restart the machine.
6. Verify that RSA pipe service and Agent Local and offline services are stopped.
7. Launch Windows Explorer ----> Navigate to authmgr\data directory. Make sure that there are no sdlog.lk and
    sdserv.lk files. If you see any .lk files, delete them.
8. Close all Windows. Exit Windows Explorer. Close the browser.
9. Launch Task Manager. Click on Processes tab. Verify that there is no process running related to RSA services.
10. Install the patch by clicking on appliance_2.0.4.js
11. After the installation is complete, navigate to Administrative tools->services->all RSA services that were changed to manual in step 4 should be made automatic again.
12. Reboot the appliance.
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