000014685 - How to Monitor the RAID 1 Array on a 60 series appliance

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Article Number000014685
Applies ToenVision 3.7.0
60 Series
IssueHow to Monitor the RAID 1 Array on a 60 series appliance

The RAID 1 Array in the RSA enVision appliances allows for a single disk failure with no interruption of service. However, a second disk failure causes the entire array to become unusable. Detecting a single drive failure as soon as possible allows it to be replaced in a short time period and reduces the risk of a second drive failure and loss of the array.

The NIC Windows Service includes messages (Windows Events (NIC) issued by the SCSI RAID 1 Array. You can set up enVision to alert on these messages. You can also set up SMTP notifications that can be sent to NIC technical support and to your internal IT team members.

SNMP Traps are available to monitor the RAID Array on the 60-series enVision appliance. These SNMP traps will be sent over the LAN / GB1 network interface.

To configure the enVision Appliance SNMP Service Initially, Windows needs to be configured to send and receive SNMP messages:

1.         From Windows, click Start, Run and enter the following run command:


The system displays theServices window.

2.         Double click on SNMP Service service.

3.         Click on the Traps tab:

a.         Enter a Community Name (e.g. public) and click Add to add it to the list.

b.         Click Add and enter the IP address of the Trap Destinations

4.         Click on the Security tab.

a.         Make sure that the Send authentication trap is unchecked.

b.         Add a community name:

i.           Click Add.

ii.         Select READ WRITE to get Community Rights, .

iii.        Enter a Community Name (e.g. public).

iv.        Click Add.

c.         Select either Accept SNMP packets from any host or enter a enter a specific host.

d.          Click Add to enter the specific IP address.

e.         Click OK.

f.           Restart the SNMP Service.


To configure SNMP Traps:

1.         Enter the Server Administrator interface, as follows:

a.         Click Start >All Programs > Dell OpenManage Applications > Server Administrator > Server Administrator.

b.         Log in using the master username.

2.         Click on the Alert Management tab.

3.         Click on theSNMP Traps tab.

4.         Configure the SNMP Traps required for RAID Array monitoring:

a.         Make sue that the Redundancy box is checked.

b.         Click on the + next to Redundancy.

c.         make sure that the Informational, Warning, Critical box is checked.

Monitoring the RAID Array

SNMP Traps can be sent to a variety of monitoring applications (for example, HP OpenView, Dell IT Assistant, Microsoft MOM, etc). To monitor the RAID Array on the 60-series enVision appliance, download the appliance MIB from the following website:



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