000023497 - Quick Unlock and Workstation Unlock do not work with Software Tokens  PINPad tokens  or static passwords

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Article Number000023497
Applies ToRSA Authentication Agent 6.1 for Windows
RSA SecurID Pinpad
RSA Software Token 3.x
IssueQuick Unlock and Workstation Unlock do not work with Software Tokens, PINPad tokens, or static passwords
Quick Workstation Unlock screen is not displayed
CauseWorkstation Unlock and Quick Unlock are not applicable for use with Software Tokens, PINPad tokens, or static passwords.  This is not mentioned in the current documentation.

The RSA Hardware token generates a tokencode, and the user prepends their pin to the tokencode when authenticating.  The number of digits in the Passcode is the sum of the number of digits in the PIN and the Tokencode. The RSA Authentication Agent 6.1 is able to determine the length of the PIN as part of the authentication and initial logon, truncate the tokencode from the passcode, and stores the PIN. When the workstation is locked, and the agent is properly configured and within the unlock period, the agent will allow the user to only the PIN to unlock, although it also allows the use of the full passcode.

The Pinpad token and Software token are used differently. The token generates a changing Tokencode the same way as typical hardware tokens. The user enters their a PIN into the token, and the token will mathematically combine the PIN with the Tokencode to generate a Passcode, with the same number of digits as the tokencode.  This means the agent cannot determine the PIN, Tokencode, or length of PIN from the Passcode. Since the agent cannot determine the PIN, it will not present the screen for Quick Unlock.

The use of static passwords does not use a PIN or a tokencode; you cannot enter a PIN, but the static password acts like a full passcode.

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