000017807 - Services start order for RSA Silvertail.

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Article Number000017807
IssueWhat services start in which order for RSA Silvertail?

1 - Scoutproxy starts first and must always be running before scout is started or stopped

2 - Siteproxy

3 - Actionserver

4 - Incidentserver

5 - Indexer

6 - Mitigator

7 - Organizer    (NOTE: organizer stores data in memory then writes it once per hour. Iif you can choose the time to stop or restart organizer,

it is best to do it some minutes after the hour, so it can write the past hours logs. Bumping organizer directly before the hour will cause the previous hours

data to be lost for good)

8 - ProfileUpdater

9 - R2B2

10 - Scout

11 - Silvercat

12 - SilverPlex alert

13 - SilverPlex back

14 - SilverPlex front

15 - Silversurfer

16 - Silvertap

17 - SysStats

18 - UIserver

Now, the order of stopping a starting services is not really a requirement except scout and scout proxy. Scout proxy must be running before scout is started or stopped.

Also note: Depending on the deployment and number of Silvertail machines, any one, a few, or all of these services may or may not be installed on a particular machine.

What should always be on all machines are the 'common group' = Scout, ScoutProxy, and SysStats.





NOTE: some debug or diagnostics with ScoutProxy config file changes, require a reload of the config file.

It is possible tosighup ScoutProxy rather than a full restart, so it reloads the config only

kill -1 `cat /var/run/silvertail/scoutproxy.pid'

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