000018270 - PAM Agent Solaris 10 sshd always increments /etc/shadow auth failure field

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Article Number000018270
Applies ToACE/Agent for PAM 5.3.4
Solaris 10
IssuePAM Agent Solaris 10 sshd always increments /etc/shadow auth failure field
Unix account gets locked out when the auth failure field hits the specified maximum

auth failure field in /etc/shadow increments, regardless of securid authentication success or failure.


CauseSeems to be specific to Solaris 10 implementation of SSHD.  The first method tested in the PAM chain is sshd-none, this is not handled by the standard pam.conf so it is handled by the "other" catch-all  method in pam.conf.  The default method updates the /etc/shadow record for the user with an incremented auth failure flag.  This occurs before the pam chain processes sshd-kbdint, on which the securid module is triggered. 

Adding the following line to the pam.conf causes the sshd-none to be handled, which in turn stops the auth failure flag from incrementing.

sshd-none  auth    optional      pam_deny.so.1

**  This is a workaround only.  The workaround appears to sole the problem but should be used with caution


Sun has published the following articles on their customer KB:

Bug ID: 5033461
Synopsis: default /etc/pam.conf should have entry for sshd-none with

Category: ssh

Subcategory: pam

State: 6-Fix Understood


The default system /etc/pam.conf should have an entry for sshd-none thus:
sshd-none auth required pam_deny.so.1
sshd-none account required pam_deny.so.1
sshd-none session requried pam_deny.so.1
sshd-none password required pam_deny.so.1

Bug ID: 6365483

Synopsis: Re-open of 4890177: sshd always increments /etc/shadow auth failure

Category: ssh

Subcategory: pam

State: 11-Closed


This is a reopen of bug 4890177: sshd always increments /etc/shadow auth
failure field

This problem (re-)appeared in Solaris 10 GA (s10_74L2a) using following

1) on sshd server, /etc/security/policy.conf:

2) 2 users: user1 and user2
a)for each user:
# ssh-keygen -t dsa
b)copy ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub of user1 to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys user2
(and vice versa)

# cat /etc/shadow

3) as user1:
$ ssh user2@sshd_servername
$ uid=4002(user2) gid=1(other)

# cat /etc/shadow

Putting pam in debug more, we can see:

<omitted log file>

As one can see, the "none" auth method is always run with the empty string as
the password, and this is what is causing the counter to increment.

    Date Modified: 2005-12-20 14:54:09 GMT+00:00

Work Around:

From the comments:> Add the following lines to /etc/pam.conf> sshd-none auth
required pam_deny.so.1> sshd-none account required pam_deny.so.1> sshd-none
session required pam_deny.so.1> *** (#1 of 2): 2005-12-20 08:55:03 CST

However, it should suffice to have:

sshd-none auth required pam_deny.so.1

Legacy Article IDa33048