000015083 - Silvertail RSA WTD: How to stop/start/restart a sevice when Scout cannot.

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Article Number000015083
Applies ToSometimes scout interface does not understand the true state of the process and therefore may not be able to stop start or restart a service.
IssueNeed to use scout to restart tap service, or any other service.
Hitting stop start or restart in Scout does not work.

Need access to command line of the affected machine as root user.

Check for running services for your service that is having issues in scout

               ps -ef | grep silver

Compare running processes with the pid files in /var/run/silvertail.

Clear or delete any conflicts between existing pid files and running silvertail services.

Manually start stop or restart the service in init.d


service st-(your silvertail servicename) stop/start/restart

from any other directory it can be done without the 'service' operator

/etc/init.d/st-(your silvertail servicename) stop/start/restart

Once these checks are done, go back to scout interface and check if the normal buttons work or not.



Addtional notes about services

Starting and Stopping processes
For each server where Silver Tail Systems is deployed, there is a browser interface Scout for starting, stopping, reloading, and disabling processes. 

1. Start: This will attempt to start the process and assumes it is not running
2. Stop: This will stop the process and assumes it is running

The Scout GUI is accessed by pointing FireFox to the following URL: https://<server>:4448

Additionally, every component of SilverTail systems may be stopped, started or restarted through the /etc/init.d/st-<component name>-<server> scripts. 

SilverTail component script filenames start with the prefix ?st-? with the usual syntax of:

/etc/init.d/<script> start
/etc/init.d/<script> stop
/etc/init.d/<script> restart

If the processes are having some trouble, and will not respond to Stop/Start commands with a status update, the corresponding .pid file may require cleanup by the administrator

from the /var/run/silvertail directory.  SilverTail components are started and stopped automatically by the system through the /etc/init.d scripts during boot up and shutdown.

For informational, warning, and critical errors, SilverTail subsystems use the syslogd facility to write output to the /var/log/messages log file.

SilverTail informational messages and others related to starting and stopping the processes are located within respective logs at /var/log/silvertail

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