000018841 - Error R_KM_ERROR_PROVIDER_NOT_LOADED (20016) returned by RSA DPM (Key Manager) client during initialization

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Article Number000018841
Applies ToRSA Product Set: DPM
RSA Product/Service Type: RSA Key Manager C Key Client, RSA Data Protection Manager C Key and Token Client
RSA Version/Condition: 2.x, 3.x
IssueError code 20016, R_KM_ERROR_PROVIDER_NOT_LOADED returned while running the DPM C client samples, or in any application.
CauseDPM/RKM client shared library files (.so / .dll / .sl) cannot be found, or an older DPM/RKM client shared library was found.
ResolutionAn application that uses an RSA DPM/RKM client, must provide the path to the required RSA client libraries as part of its configuration.
Likewise, the sample programs provided with the RSA DPM/RKM Client installer must also have the correct location of the RSA client libraries set in their configuration file.
If you are using RKM Client 2.1.1:
You must provide the location of the libraries using environment variables. So either you set the environment variable via Windows, or you can include the following variable in a batch file which will start you application:

SET LIBRARY_DIR=<Full path containing the following DLLs>


If you are using RKM Client 2.1.3 or any DPM Client 3.x:
Modify your client configuration to make sure you have the following two lines as the first two items in the configuration:

where lib is an absolute or relative path to the folder containing DPM libraries libraries. 
On Linux system, verify the file /etc/ld.so.conf and all files under /etc/ld.conf.so.d/ to make sure the path points to a folder with the expected version of the DPM client shared library files.
NotesRefer the RSA DPM/RKM Developer's Guide that was installed with your client software, for more information on how to Configure and Initialize the RSA DPM/RKM Client for your application.
If you are running the RSA-provided client Sample Programs, refer the Installation Guide for your RSA DPM/RKM Client which describes how to configure and run those programs.
Manuals for client versions are also available at RSA SecurCare Online.
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