000017730 - Pending Connection after successfully install of a Webtier - RSA Authentication Manager 8.X

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Article Number000017730
Applies ToRSA Authentication Manager 8.X
RSA Authentication Manager Express
IssuePending Connection forever after successfully installing RSA webtier on windows 2012 standard:
And when you check you windows services, you can see that no RSA Services have been installed:
Ping, traceroute, nslookup  between the RSA Authentication Manager and the windows 2012 server where the webtier is installed is successful but the two webtiers services still do not appears and the status in RSA operation console is still PENDING CONNECTION.
When you check the webtier install log, it says SUCCESS but no RSA Services appear and users are not able to start the self service console on the webtier either.
0      2014-07-28 10:23:49,805 INFO: Arguments: [WebtierBootstrapper.installAll]
1451   2014-07-28 10:23:51,256 INFO: Script source dir: D:\Program Files\RSA Security\RSA Authentication Manager Webtier\webtierBootstrapper\\config\src\scripts
1451   2014-07-28 10:23:51,256 INFO: Patch Script source dir: null
1638   2014-07-28 10:23:51,443 INFO: Reading configuration from Config.groovy
2667   2014-07-28 10:23:52,472 INFO: Running task WebtierBootstrapper.installAll
6302   2014-07-28 10:23:56,107 INFO: Total Memory: 4194304 KB
6302   2014-07-28 10:23:56,107 INFO: Using memory category 4GB
6552   2014-07-28 10:23:56,357 INFO: Weblogic already installed
6567   2014-07-28 10:23:56,372 INFO: Initial install: true
6567   2014-07-28 10:23:56,372 INFO: Install Version:
6567   2014-07-28 10:23:56,372 INFO: Webtier Bootstrapper already installed
Configuration step WebtierBootstrapper:installAll [SUCCESS]
CauseThis behavior can be seen if customer changed the default installation path and the new patch provided contain spaces in between. 
Removing Spaces on the installation path as shown below resolve this issue:
           "D:\ProgramFiles\RSASecurity" instead "D:\Program Files\RSA Security"
The connection between the Webtier and the RSA virtual appliance is now "Online" and the two RSA Services "bootstrapper" and "web-tier services" are now present and running.
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