000019813 - ClearTrust: Can ClearTrust logon HTML pages be customized?

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Article Number000019813
Applies ToRSA ClearTrust
UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
Microsoft Windows
RSA ClearTrust 4.6.x
IssueClearTrust: Can ClearTrust logon HTML pages be customized?
ResolutionWhen customizing the ClearTrust logon HTML pages, ensure you keep the form functionality of the HTML pages within the customized page and do not change any of the form actions. Below is the standard ClearTrust ct_logon.html Web page showing the basic authentication form used:

   <TITLE>SecureControl Basic Authentication Form</TITLE>
   <IMG USEMAP="#main" SRC="ct_banner.gif" ALIGN=TOP BORDER="0">
   <FONT SIZE="+2" FACE="Helvetica" COLOR="#375392">
   SecureControl 'BASIC' Authentication Form
   <FORM ACTION="/securecontrol/ct_logon.html" METHOD=POST>
   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="auth_mode" VALUE="basic">
   <FONT SIZE="+1" FACE="Helvetica" COLOR="#375392">
   UserID:       <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="user" SIZE=20>
   <FONT SIZE="+1" FACE="Helvetica" COLOR="#375392">
   Password:  <INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="password" SIZE=20>
   <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="                authenticate               ">
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