000025208 - Correct and annotated example of RSA ACE/Server services file

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Article Number000025208
Applies ToRSA Authentication Manager
RSA ACE/Server
Microsoft Windows
UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
Services file
IssueCorrect and annotated example of RSA ACE/Server services file
How to select securidprop port designations in RSA ACE/Server
ResolutionHere is an annotated example:

RSA ACE/Server and Authentication Manager Services file configuration:

Authentication Port
securid                 5500/udp        # ACE/Server and Authentication Manager installation

If there is an existing securidprop value in the /etc/services file during an upgrade, the services will be configured to begin at that value, usually 5510. In that case, adding a tenth replica will cause a conflict on port 5520 with sdlog. Problems may occur if your services file is hand-modified to reflect the starting value of 5505 and you have already performed an upgrade with a value of 5510 in the services file. You must run the replication management utility and change each port designation there. On UNIX "sdsetup -repmgmt modify".

securidprop_00         5505/tcp        securidprop          # acesyncd for primary, replica 0
securidprop_01        5506/tcp                # acesyncd for replica 1
securidprop_02        5507/tcp                # acesyncd for replica 2
securidprop_03        5508/tcp                # acesyncd for replica 3
securidprop_04        5509/tcp                # acesyncd for replica 4
securidprop_05        5510/tcp                # acesyncd for replica 5
securidprop_06        5511/tcp                # acesyncd for replica 6
securidprop_07        5512/tcp                # acesyncd for replica 7
securidprop_08        5513/tcp                # acesyncd for replica 8
securidprop_09        5514/tcp                # acesyncd for replica 9
securidprop_10        5515/tcp                # acesyncd for replica 10

#ACE/Server and Authentication Manager Ports

sdlog                5520/tcp                # ACE Log Database
sdserv                5530/tcp                # ACE User Database
sdreport                 5540/tcp                # ACE Report Utility
sdadmind                 5550/tcp                # ACE Remote Administration
sdlockmgr                5560/tcp                       # ACE Lock Manager
sdcommd                  5570/tcp                       # ACE Web Communications Daemon
sdoad                  5580/tcp                       # ACE Web Offline Authentication Data Daemon / Windows Integration (RSA Authentication Manager ONLY)

sdxauthd                5540/udp                # ACE External Authorization Daemon (no longer used - # valid for 4.1 and earlier servers)

# ACE/Server and Authentication Manager RADIUS and TACACS+ Ports

tacacs                49/tcp                # TACACS+
radius                1645/udp                # ACE RADIUS
radacct                1646/udp                # ACE RADIUS Accounting

For more information, see the solution regarding Error: 'radius service could not be added to your services file' while installing RSA ACE/Server on Microsoft Windows.
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