000021075 - Crypto token not being deleted through CSP mechanism

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Article Number000021075
Applies ToRSA SecurID Passage 3.5.1 Client
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP4
IssueCrypto token not being deleted through CSP mechanism
ERROR: 0x00000006  The handle is invalid
ERROR: 0x80090019  The keyset is not defined
ERROR: 0x80090016  Keyset does not exist
ERROR: 0x80090005  Bad Data
ERROR: 0x00000057  The parameter is incorrect
CauseA custom application making use of the Microsoft C-API fails with a variety of errors at various stages of key generation.  The format of the error messages is not specific to RSA Security but shows the Microsoft error code (listed in wincrypt.h and its text representation,  the code used to format the error message is:

void PrintError()
        LPVOID lpMsgBuf;
                                  MAKELANGID(LANG_NEUTRAL, SUBLANG_DEFAULT), // Default language
        printf("ERROR: 0x%08x  %s\n", GetLastError(), (LPTSTR)lpMsgBuf);
ResolutionAn underlying problem with a lower-level driver caused a problem for the C-API interface to Passage. This has been resolved in the patch release RSA Passage 3.5.1 Build 122 available from RSA Security Customer Support and referenced as tst00039156. This release is a full copy of the product, and installation is as per the standard product installation.
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