000024996 - CTSet and short form native directives for RSA ClearTrust Agents for Apache

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Article Number000024996
Applies ToRSA ClearTrust Agent 4.6 for Apache
RSA ClearTrust Agent 3.5 for Apache
IssueCTSet and short form native directives for RSA ClearTrust Agents for Apache
How to configure RSA ClearTrust Agents for Apache with native configuration directives
ResolutionWhen using native configuration directives for Apache agents, there are two choices for configuring parameters: using CTSet [parameter] [argument], or CT[parameter short name] [argument]. When [argument] is specified, the two forms are interchangeable; when no argument is specified, the CTSet form is required. Eliminating the CTSet directives by commenting them out, so that only short form directives are present, is generally safe since all parameters that are optional can be eliminated from the configuration file safely. With regards to Apache's configtest, there is no difference between the short form and the long form.

One of the benefits to using native configuration directives, rather than agent configuration properties, is that the configuration file for the agent can be tested as part of Apache's syntax check. Be aware, however, that Apache's syntax check does not validate the logic of arguments to parameters, only the syntax. For example, specifying a non-existant domain name for the ServerName parameter will pass Apache's syntax check, even though it's a logical error. Likewise, passing Apache's configuration test does not guarantee that the agent is correctly configured, only that the configuration is syntactically correct.
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