000022874 - Dial-up users no longer able to dial in and get incorrect password errors after installing MS06-025

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Article Number000022874
Applies ToMicrosoft Windows Server 2003
IssueDial-up users no longer able to dial in and get incorrect password errors after installing MS06-025
Remote user computers just installed a new patch from Microsoft MS06-025. After installing the patch, the error "The user ID and incorrect domain password" appears.

The user has connected and failed to authenticate with a third party security on port COM14. The line has been disconnected.

The user connected to port COM14 has been disconnected because the following  internal authentication error occurred in the third party security module: The specified port is not connected.


When the user dials from Windows 2000 or XP workstation, the post terminal window appears with user name prompt. After typing the username, the error "The script is halted" appears in a box. In some cases the error appears even before the username is prompted.
CauseMicrosoft issued an advisory for this patch as it causes problems for dial-up connections:


"An issue has been confirmed that involves dial-up connections that use a terminal window, or dial-up scripting. This is an older technology that is rarely used by modern dial-up connections. If dial-up scripting is used in a connection, the connection may stop responding. This behavior does not affect any dial-up connections that do not use dial-up scripting. This issue may affect direct-dial connections to a corporate network, to a university network, or to some ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Microsoft is working to develop and test a revision to this update that will address this issue. If you must use dial-up scripting or terminal window features, do not install security update 911280 (MS06-025) until the revised version is available. For more information about dial-up scripting, visit the Microsoft web site at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/archive/winntas/proddocs/network/xns10.mspx."
ResolutionMake sure that the version of update 911280 is dated June 27, 2006 (The original patch was released June 11, 2006).  Or, call Microsoft for updated information.  (this information current as of August 8, 2006)
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