000025702 - Unable to Create or Edit applications in Visual Studio 2003 protected by ClearTrust.

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Article Number000025702
Applies ToRSA ClearTrust Agent 4.6
Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
IssueUnable to Create or Edit applications in Visual Studio 2003 protected by ClearTrust.
Error in Visual Studio 2003
"Web Access Failed"

"The default Web access mode for this project is set to file share, but the project folder at 'Project URL' cannot be opened with the path 'Physical Project path'. The error returned was:..."
CauseThis error occurs because Visual Studio 2003 attempts to open certain web resources within the protected URL space as part of opening a .NET project.  These resources are have different paths for each application and are therefor difficult to exclude using directory exclusion lists.

Exclude the Visual Studio dependencies from protection by the agent by creating the following in the rules.xml file.

Ensure the webagent.conf file setting cleartrust.agent.rules_file= references the path to the rules.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <argument type="URI" expression="*_tmp\.htm"/>
        <action type="HTTP" argument="200"/>
        <argument type="URI" expression="/get_aspx_ver\.aspx"/>
        <action type="HTTP" argument="200"/>
NotesRules in the rules.xml file exclude resources based on regular expression matches.  Be very careful in constructing the regular expressions as the agent will not protect any URL that matches the expression and unintended security implications may result from malformed expression lists.|

Additional rules may be needed in some instances.  The following additional rule is required if the IIS web.conf file has a custom error page defined for for page not found that redirects to ERROR.ASPX

        <argument type="URI" expression="/Error\.aspx"/>
        <action type="HTTP" argument="200"/>

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