000026169 - QuickAdmin connections lock up.

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Article Number000026169
Applies ToAuthentication Manager 6.1.1
QuickAdmin 6.1.1
Netstat -an run on the primary authentication server showed 130 or more established connections from the QuickAdmin machine to port 5570 on  the Primary authentication server.
Error reported in the sdserv.lg file " You have attempted to connect to a database with too many users connected to it. Retry the connection later, or increase the -n on the server, (5291)
IssueQuickAdmin connections lock up on a regular basis.
Help Desk Administrators unable to open new QuickAdmin connections.
Unable to open new Remote Administration Connections.
CauseInactivity Timeout value in the sdcommdconfig.txt was set to 0. The file in unix would be sdcommd.conf. This provides for no timeout on all connections made through sdcommd. With Web Express this would not be a problem. With QuickAdmin it is. QuickAdmin does not properly close out connections when exited, leaving established connections to accumulate.
ResolutionModify the Inactivity Timeout to have a positvie number. Make sure this value does not match the value in the tomcat web.xml file for session timeout. Check the following setting: <session-config><session-timeout>14</session-timeout></session-config> If your value here is 14 then make the Inactivity value in the sdcommdconfig.txt file to be 15. This will prevent the connection from hanging due to a simultaneous timeout.
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