000016297 - Error 'Unflavoured type already registered' when accessing RSA Key Manager Server

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Article Number000016297
Applies ToRSA Key Manager Server 2.1
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Issueau.net.netstorm.boost.spider.flavour.FlavourMapException: Unflavoured type already registered: DefaultFlavouredInterface[
    iface=interface com.rsa.keymanager.database.connection.core.Store
    flavour=Like XXXX ... totally unflavoured
] : {}
 at au.net.netstorm.boost.spider.flavour.DefaultFlavouredMapEngine.fail(DefaultFlavouredMapEngine.java:67)
 at au.net.netstorm.boost.spider.flavour.DefaultFlavouredMapEngine.validate(DefaultFlavouredMapEngine.java:42)
 at au.net.netstorm.boost.spider.flavour.DefaultFlavouredMapEngine.put(DefaultFlavouredMapEngine.java:17)
 at au.net.netstorm.boost.spider.flavour.DefaultFlavouredMap.put(DefaultFlavouredMap.java:14)
 at au.net.netstorm.boost.spider.registry.DefaultInstances.put(DefaultInstances.java:17)
 at au.net.netstorm.boost.spider.registry.DefaultRegistry.instance(DefaultRegistry.java:68)
 at au.net.netstorm.boost.spider.registry.DefaultRegistry.instance(DefaultRegistry.java:33)
 at com.rsa.keymanager.database.connection.core.DefaultDatabaseBootstrap.bootstrap(DefaultDatabaseBootstrap.java:17)
 at com.rsa.keymanager.database.connection.core.DefaultStoreAssembler.registerStores(DefaultStoreAssembler.java:13)
CauseThough the specific cause of this error is not yet known, the following use case reproduce the error:

KMS is on ServerA
Database is on ServerB
jdbcURL of KMS.xml is pointing to "localhost" instead of ServerB
install.jsp is submitted and exception is "Connection failed" thrown
Browser's Back button is clicked
New and valid credentials submitted, which result in the exception above.
If database connection is failing, any subsequent use of the connection object will fail with this error.
ResolutionMake sure that jdbcURL of KMS.xml points to a responding SQL Server, and don't forget to restart Tomcat is you modify KMS.xml.

You absolutely need to restart Tomcat once you got that error.
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