000014745 - Error getting the input streamUnable to parse short name

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Article Number000014745
Applies ToRSA Authentication Manager 7.1
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
IssueError getting the input streamUnable to parse short name
java.io.IOException: Error getting the input streamUnable to parse short name
   at com.rsa.installfwrk.common.utils.FileNameConverter.removeSpacesFromInstallLocation(FileNameConverter.java:91)
   at com.rsa.installfwrk.common.utils.RSAInventoryProperties.getRSAInventoryProperties(RSAInventoryProperties.java:24)

Installation of RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 fails.  This failure occurs shortly after the progress task bar showing percentage completion is displayed and jumps immediately to the end advising the installer to examine the rsa_am_install.log for the problem.

Looking in the rsa_am_install.log shows the error "Error getting the input streamUnable to parse short name"


The installer process relies on the use of 8.3 file name conventions which is a legacy device on a Windows 2003 server which may have been disabled.  The default operation of a system is that the mechanism is enabled but may have been disabled my a specific action of an administrator or the application of a Microsoft Group Policy Object (GPO).

You can check the current status of this setting with the following command (run at the command line):

                                                fsutil behavior query disable8dot3

There are two possible results:

                        disable8dot3 = 1                                            This means the feature has been disabled

                        disable8dot3 = 0                                             This is the default value and means that 8.3 names are still created for long file names.

It is important to understand that the feature can be enabled and disabled with this setting but it does not affect any files (or folders) which have already been created.  This means that even with the feature disabled you can still see that the "C:\Program Files" also has a short 8.3 name associated with it of "PROGRA~1".  This can also be misleading because the saved location of the installation log showing the failure is saved at a location such as C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp

There are two options to resolve this issue, both have been confirmed to work correctly without issue

A)  The ability to support 8.3 names can be re-enabled for the installation of RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 and then disabled afterward.  This is done with the following steps

  1. At the command line run the command fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 0
  2. Reboot the server
  3. Install RSA Authentication Manager 7.1
  4. At the command line run the command fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 1
  5. Reboot the server

B)  The installation location can be selected which does not have any long file names, as an example when prompted for the installation location you might overwrite the default value of "C:\Program Files\RSA Security\RSA Authentication Manager" with something simple such as "C:\am71".  In this instance as long as the name follows the Microsoft 8.3 naming conventions would avoid the problem.

There are a number of Microsoft KB articles on this subject which might make useful background reading

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/121007      How to Disable the 8.3 Name Creation on NTFS Partitions
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/838437      Site system installation is unsuccessful if 8.3 file-name support is disabled in Systems Management Server 2003

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