000017640 - Error getting user groups (no connections available in AuthServerPool) - RSA Access Manager (AxM)

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Article Number000017640
Applies ToRSA Access Manager (AxM) 6.1.X SDK
IssueTrying to run the AxM SDK runtine API, but getting the error message below

Error connecting.

sirrus.runtime.ServerListException: unable to contact any servers

at sirrus.runtime.AuthServerPool.refreshServerPool(AuthServerPool.java:661)

at sirrus.runtime.AuthServerPool.<init>(AuthServerPool.java:83)

at sirrus.runtime.APIFactory.createFromServerListProvider(APIFactory.java:706)

at sirrus.runtime.APIFactory.createFromServerDispatcher(APIFactory.java:400)

at sirrus.runtime.APIFactory.createFromServerDispatcher(APIFactory.java:286)

at sirrus.samples.runtime.RuntimeExample.connect(RuntimeExample.java:52)

at sirrus.samples.runtime.RuntimeExample.main(RuntimeExample.java:143)


Both the client and server are configured on anon.

The server shows:

sequence_number=205201,2013-09-13 16:43:34:864 CEST,messageID=0,event_type=Error,error=javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Received fatal alert: internal_error,description=Error handling client connection from ubuntu-z600.eur.corp.vattenfall.com/


To test I also tried connecting via cleartext, but that causes:

sequence_number=147435,2013-09-10 14:36:33:786 CEST,messageID=0,event_type=Error,error=javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?,description=Error handling client connection from ubuntu-z600.eur.corp.vattenfall.com/


CauseThe problem appears to be client side and the example is missing libraries on its classpath.   Because of that it cannot do a proper handshake.

To fix this issue, make sure you add the following to the client classpath 


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