000022474 - How to configure custom RSA ClearTrust Java API applications to utilize SSL within IBM WebSphere environment

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Article Number000022474
Applies ToRSA ClearTrust 5.5.3 Java API
IBM WebSphere
IssueHow to configure custom RSA ClearTrust Java API applications to utilize SSL within IBM WebSphere environment
When deploying RSA ClearTrust Java API applications to IBM WebSphere, the following errors occur in the WebSphere log files:

00000063 SystemErr   R Unable to load security provider:  java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:  com.net.ssl.internal.ssl.Provider
00000063 SystemErr   R Class cannot be found

The Java API applications are configured to utilize SSL.
CauseBy default, IBM WebSphere uses the IBM JCE provider and security framework. RSA ClearTrust API is designed to be used with the Sun JCE provider and Sun security framework. Without additional configuration, SSL-enabled Java API applications will fail on the WebSphere platform.
ResolutionOpen the java.security file located in the <WebSphere Install Directory>/AppServer/java/jre/lib/ext/ directory and add an entry for the Sun JCE provider:


(Substitute a number for the 'x' variable shown in the example above. The number should be one greater than the existing number of security providers. For example, if there are 4 providers listed, 'x' should have a value of 5.)

Copy the following files into the <WebSphere Install Directory>/AppServer/java/jre/lib/ext/ directory:

<ClearTrust Install Directory>/jre/lib/ext/sunjce_provider.jar
<ClearTrust Install Directory>/jre/lib/ext/rt.jar
<ClearTrust Install Directory>/jre/lib/ext/sunrsasign.jar
<ClearTrust Install Directory>/jre/lib/ext/plugin.jar
<ClearTrust Install Directory>/jre/lib/ext/jsse.jar
<ClearTrust Install Directory>/jre/lib/ext/jce.jar

(It may be necessary to manually configure the classpath so that the jar files located in /AppServer/java/jre/lib/ext are loaded at startup. This can be accomplished by editing the ws.ext.dirs system property.)

Restart the WebSphere application server so that these changes will take effect.
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