000024981 - Error: 'insertion string(s): TRIGERROR: tle_wrt.p; log message not found. Failed writing log entry (Error -1)  exiting'

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Article Number000024981
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server 4.1 (no longer supported as of 2-1-2004)
Cross realm
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
IssueError: "insertion string(s): TRIGERROR: tle_wrt.p; log message not found. Failed writing log entry (Error -1), exiting"
ACE/Server has to be rebooted in order to authenticate users.
ResolutionThe customer will need to download the hotfix that is two files:

Install Procedure:
NOTE:  It is always a good idea to backup your ENTIRE c:\ace\data directory before making any significant changes.  Be sure to shutdown the ACE/Server before backing up.

1.  Stop the Master ACE/Server.
2.  Make sure no ACE services are running (check the SERVICES icon located in
    the Control Panel).
3.  Backup the following two files that are located in the c:\ace\prog directory:


    for example, acesrvc_fe.old, acesrvc_be.old

4.  Copy the two new files, acesrvc_fe.dll and acesrvc_be.exe, into the c:\ace\prog
    directory, and overwrite the existing files if applicable.
5.  Purge your current logfiles on the ACE/Server.
    You can do this by changing to the c:\ace\prog directory and typing


    At this time, a Windows popup box will prompt you to:

    "Select which database to create:"

    VERY IMPORTANT:  ONLY check the box that reads: Log database

6.  Stop the Slave Server:

7.  Reboot the Master Server.

    DO NOT bring up the Master Server until the Slave is completely shutdown.

8.  Once all Slave Server ACE processes are down, start the Master Server.

9.  On the Slave, repeat steps 2-6 again.

10. Once completed, you can safely bring up the Slave Server.

Make sure this is completed on Master and Slave servers in all Realms. There is no danger in Cross Realm authentication between unpatched realms, but Cross Realm Authentication is not expected to work.

This hotfix can be obtained through RSA Technical Support Representatives.
A workaround is to disable the Cross Realm feature. DO NOT use this workaround unless you are patched to a minimum of patch level 1, or all remote users will become local users without tokens assigned. Disabling Cross Realm without being patched will make all established cross realm users incapable of authentication if the Cross Realm relationship is re-established, until those users have been deleted from the local database.
WorkaroundCustomer has upgraded from 3.3.1 to 4.1 with patch one and is now receiving the above error.
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