000021818 - Error: 'RSACookieAPI: sample.jsp: '.' expected' in RSA Authentication Agent 5.3 for Web (Sun ONE)

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Article Number000021818
Applies To<% @ page import="RSACookieAPI" %>
RSA Authentication Agent 5.3 for Web (Sun ONE)
Sun Solaris 2.9
IssueError: "RSACookieAPI: sample.jsp: '.' expected" in RSA Authentication Agent 5.3 for Web (Sun ONE)
When trying to compile the sample.jsp from the RSACookieAPI package, it gives this error if the JDK version is Java 1.4 (i.e. 1.3.1 was fine)
CauseVersions of Java prior to version 1.4 had a bug that allowed a class import without specifying a package. Where a class has no package, then it would reside in the same namespace as the calling class, and hence no import would be needed.

Since the release of Java version 1.4, this bug has been removed, and now all import lines both in JSP and Java are required to import from a named package (whether all classes in a package or a single class, for example):

    <% @ page import="java.util.*" %>

The supplied RSACookieAPI.class file in RSA Authentication Agent 5.3 for Web (Sun ONE) was produced using Java 1.3.1, and was created without being placed in a package; hence, the error is generated if you try to use it (even using the supplied sample.jsp).
The problem will be fixed at source in RSA Authentication Agent 5.4 for Web (Sun ONE). In the interim, a hot fix is available where the class file has been moved into com.rsa.cookieapi.RSACookieAPI - contact RSA Security Customer Support.

The patch consists of a replacement RSACookieAPI.jar which contains the single class file and a replacement sample.jsp which demonstrates its use.
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