000021445 - Error: 'request script did not complete successfully' when installing RSA ClearTrust Agent 4.6 for Apache or SunOneJWS

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Article Number000021445
Applies ToSun Solaris 2.8 patch 110380-40
Sun Solaris 2.8 patch 110934-20
Apache 2.0.49
RSA ClearTrust Agent 4.6 for Apache
RSA ClearTrust Agent 4.6 for Sun Java System Web Server 6.1
IssueError: "request script did not complete successfully" when installing RSA ClearTrust Agent 4.6 for Apache or SunOneJWS
/var/ct_apache2/.ct_vars_apache2: cannot create
pkgadd: ERROR: request script did not complete successfully
CauseAn error existed in Solaris 8 that ran pkgadd 'request' scripts as 'root', when in fact they should be run as 'nobody'. However, it is mandated that the user should be 'root' to install the package. Patch 110934-20 corrects this. NOTE: This patch was released after RSA ClearTrust Agent was released, and thus could not be resolved by RSA Security in the shipped product.
ResolutionA later patch release of the agent will incorporate the required changes. However, the following modification to the agent install.sh script resolves the problem:

Edit 'install.sh' and locate the following block of script:

   # Origin of instvars temporary file.
   [ ! -d /var/ct_apache2/ ] && mkdir -p /var/ct_apache2/
   [ ! -d /var/ct_sjsw/ ] && mkdir -p /var/ct_sjsw/
   echo "INSTDIR=\"\"" > /var/ct_sjsw/.ct_vars_sjsw
   echo "INSTDIR=\"\"" > /var/ct_apache2/.ct_vars_apache2

Now, after these lines insert the following:

   ### start of modification
   case $SYSNAME in
       'SunOS' )
               chown nobody /var/ct_sjsw/.ct_vars_sjsw
               chown nobody /var/ct_apache2/.ct_vars_apache2
   ### end of modification

NOTE: Be careful with the ` (apostrophe) character - this character is normally found at the top left area of a keyboard.
WorkaroundInstalled RSA ClearTrust Agent
Legacy Article IDa22921