000018827 - To notify the CA administrator of a new cert request.

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Article Number000018827
Applies ToSentry CA 3.x
TechNote 0115
IssueTo notify the CA administrator of a new cert request.
You can get Sentry CA to send email when a cert request has been made by setting up the following lines at the end of the pages that post the certificate request (by default: add-spk-request.xuda and add-msie-request.xuda in the enroll-server directory).
ResolutionThese lines set up variables for the recipient, the subject and the body of the email and then use the !email function to send the email. It also picks up the name of the CA using the md5 passed from the form, so that the administrator will know which queue to look into.

<!-- send email to Sentry administrator -->

<!-- XUDA BEGIN -->

    [@subj=Certificate Request Generated]
    [@LINE1=Request by:

    <!-- LDAP SEARCH md5=[CA] -->
    [@LINE2=in request queue for CA:
    [xuda_ca.cn] - [xuda_ca.o] -[xuda_ca.ou]]


<!-- XUDA END -->

(Remember to change the recipient:-))

This will generate an email such as:

Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 12:43:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sentry CA <SentryCA@rsa.com>
To: ca-admin@rsa.com
Subject: Certificate Request Generated

Request by:
Donald Duck
Just Ducky

in request queue for CA:
Customer Evaluation CA - RSA Security Inc. - Customer Evaluation CA

Customize in any way you wish.

For Sentry CA 4.5 and later versions or Keon CA 5.7, please refer to the Keon/Sentry CA Administrator's Guide, the "Notifying Administrators of Certificate Requests" section in Chapter 2.

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