000020955 - The last records shown by an RSA ACE/Server Activity Report may be incorrect

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Article Number000020955
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server 5.0.4 (no longer supported as of 8-15-2004)
RSA ACE/Server 5.1 (no longer supported as of 7-14-2006)
RSA ACE/Server 5.1.1 (no longer supported as of 7-14-2006)
RSA ACE/Server 5.2
IssueThe last records shown by an RSA ACE/Server Activity Report may be incorrect

These are the steps to reproduce this problem:

  • Set the report format to display the full name of the user
  • In Report --> Activity, select the last few pages (e.g. 10 pages). It helps if you select a particular token or user that is not active so you know which results to expect.
  • Examine the last log records in the report. Now run the report again but this time select the "Entire" (again for a particular token or user) and examine the last records of the report again. If these are different than those from the previous report, you have reproduced the problem.
CauseActivity log shows incomplete entries when records are set to occupy 3 lines instead of the usual 2 lines
The administration console calculates the incorrect number of records to display

RSA Security has corrected this problem. Contact RSA Security Customer Support and request the fix for your version of RSA ACE/Server:

  • If using RSA ACE/Server 5.0.4, use the fix for defect tst00038449
  • If using RSA ACE/Server 5.1.1, apply Patch 2 - refer to the defect tst00038490 in the Readme file
  • If using RSA ACE/Server 5.2, use the fix for defect tst00038491
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