000020754 - To display only one CA in the enrollment certificate request form.

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Article Number000020754
Applies ToSentry CA 3.x
Keon Certificate Authority
Enrollment Server
All Platforms
TechNote 0091
IssueTo display only one CA in the enrollment certificate request form.
The following X-parse command causes a pull-down menu of all CAs in the database to be displayed:
  <!-- XUDA SELECT_CA -->

When read by XUDA, this command queries the CA database and creates an HTML  form SELECT field with OPTION lines for each of the CAs in the database.
ResolutionTo "force" a single CA to be displayed, you must modify the template in /webserver/enroll-server/ in the following manner:
(default templates that use this are request-spk.xuda and request-msie.xuda)

1. After making a copy of the template, replace the <!-- XUDA SELECT_CA --> line with an HTML form hidden INPUT field named "CA" as follows:
                    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="CA" VALUE="">

2. Copy the CA certificate's md5 and paste it in as the VALUE of the hidden CA variable.
   (Note: The CA's md5 can be copied using your browser when you select that
    CA from the View an existing CA management page).

3. Place the nickname of the CA directly above this new INPUT field. This text is used for display purposes only. It tells the user who the Issuing CA is.

4. Save the new version of the template under the same name, or a new name as desired.
   If you need to have several certificate request forms, each with their own single CA, simply give each new file a different name with a .xuda extension.
   For ease of access for your users, you can set up a normal HTML page with links to each of these certificate request pages.

In the following example, we will use a CA nicknamed:
'ABC Pizza Co. Delivery Division' which has an md5 of 'abcde12345'.

Here are the completed HTML lines which replace the XUDA SELECT_CA call:

ABC Pizza Co. Delivery Division
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="CA VALUE="abcde12345">
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