000022482 - Token #0000 already exists in database

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Article Number000022482
Applies ToRSA SecurID SD600 Authenticator
RSA SecurID SD520 Authenticator
RSA SecurID SD200 Authenticator
RSA ACE/Server 4.1 (no longer supported as of 2-1-2004)
RSA ACE/Server 5.0.x (no longer supported as of 8-15-2004)
RSA ACE/Server 5.1 (no longer supported as of 7-14-2006)
RSA ACE/Server 5.2
IssueToken #0000 already exists in database
Importing ASCII token file ".....
Premature End-of-File while reading field ID #98
Error reading field data for table Table #0
Unable to read export file version from load file
CauseThe ASC file being imported is a text-based representation of the SecurID tokens, and has a specific, preset format. The file being loaded is corrupt, or possibly is not even a seed record file.
ResolutionRSA Security ASC Seed record files have the following format:

        #<   string of 76 characters   >    
        <   string of 76 characters   >
        <   string of 76 characters   >

If the ASC file does not consist of this format, the file is corrupt. The specific error outlined in this article may be caused by the removal of the leading #  (hash) sign.

NOTE: RSA Security issues seed records in other formats (binary and XML), but this article relates only to the ASC format

Remember - seed record media for your ACE/Server should always be locked away securely. Never allow an opportunity for them to be either copied or stolen.
WorkaroundImport tokens from ASC file into an ACE/Server
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