000019508 - Examining RSA ClearTrust database schema in Oracle

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Article Number000019508
Applies ToRSA ClearTrust 4.6.1
RSA ClearTrust
Oracle 8i
IssueExamining RSA ClearTrust database schema in Oracle
ResolutionIf you have installed ClearTrust and Oracle on Windows, the Oracle install should also have installed the Oracle DBA Studio. You can use this to look at the schema. Start the DBA studio in stand-alone mode and expand the CT.WORLD database in the left pane. Then, expand Schema, Table, and CT_OWNER and your tables will appear. Expanding a table will show the columns and other details in the right pane.

Another alternative is using the "SQL*Plus" interface:

        sqlplus ct_owner/password
        SQL> select table_name from all_tables;

This lists all the tables that CT_OWNER owns (those in the ClearTrust table schema). Substitute "user_tables" for "all_tables" to show a list of the tables actually owned by the user you are currently logged in as. The "all_tables" view shows all tables that are owned by the current user as well as any tables the user has been granted access to view (which may or not be what you are looking for).

Once you've identified the tables you want to view, use the "describe" command to see how they're currently laid out:

describe users;

The output of this command will be similar to the following:

Name                                              Null?                    Type
ID                                                NOT NULL                 NUMBER(19)
ADMIN_GROUP_ID                     NOT NULL                 NUMBER(19)
PUBLIC_STATE                                                      NUMBER(1)
SUPER_USER                                                     NUMBER(1)
SUPER_HELP_DESK                                                 NUMBER(1)
NAME                                          NOT NULL                 VARCHAR2(255)
FIRST_NAME                                                    VARCHAR2(255)
LAST_NAME                                                          VARCHAR2(255)
EMAIL                                                                      VARCHAR2(255)
CREATION_DATE                          NOT NULL                 DATE
BEGIN_DATE                              NOT NULL                 DATE
INACTIVE_DATE                            NOT NULL                 DATE
DN                                                                         VARCHAR2(255)
ADMIN_LOCKOUT                                                     NUMBER(1)
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