000014349 - SECURID: login query for 'jdoe' unknown from 1

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Article Number000014349
Applies ToRSA Authentication Manager 6.1
RSA Authentication Manager 7.1
Solaris 10
IssueSECURID: login query for 'jdoe' unknown from 1
Agent host not found
Authentication agent not found

This is an error which can occur for a TACACS+ client connection to the TACACS+ server built into RSA Authentication Manager.  The error occurs because the remote client machine (in this instance a machine with an IP address of has not been added as an Agent host into the Authentication Manager.

The warning message can be seen in different log files.

In Authentication Manager 6.1 and earlier this message is seen in the activity monitor:

                   Agent host not found

In Authentication Manager in the Real-time Authentication Activity Monitor

                   Authentication agent not found

If the TACACS+ debugging is enabled then the following line will be seen in the debug output:

                   SECURID: login query for 'jdoe' unknown from 1


Use either the local UNIX administration (./sdadmin) or connect using remote administration and add a new Agent host

  • Select Agent Host >Add Agent Host...
  • Enter a name for the device (this does not need to resolve using DNS or /etc/hosts but this can make administration more convenient)  
  • Ensure the Network Address field is set to the IP address of the remote system (in this example, if you have name resolution set up then this will be inserted automatically
  • Set the Agent type to  Communication Server
  • Optionally enable the checkbox called Open to all Locally Known Users
  • Click or select OK to save the record

Now you should be able to retest and the authentication should no longer generate this error message.

Note:  You also need to have created an Agent host record for the client TACACS+ system and if you do not do this then the authentication fails (but will generate different error messages)

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