000019515 - How to import a PKCS #12 that contains only private keys and no corresponding certificates

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Article Number000019515
Applies ToRSA BSAFE Cert-C 2.0.1
Bug tst00026255 has been filed, requesting that C_ImportPKCS12 correctly handle the import of PKCS #12 files with only private keys and no corresponding certificates
IssueHow to import a PKCS #12 that contains only private keys and no corresponding certificates
C_ImportPKCS12 fails with an 0x727 (E_INVALID_PARAMETER) when importing a PKCS #12 with no certs
CauseA call to C_InsertPrivateKey is made by the toolkit to add the private key to the database SERVICE given to C_ImportPKCS12. Since C_ImportPKCS12 is given a NULL CERT_OBJ, it can't insert the private key and returns an E_INVALID_PARAMETER. Just to note, C_ReadFromPKCS12 does correctly return a PKCS12_BAG whose content.keyContent.cert is NULL. The p12memio.c sample, which uses C_ReadFromPKCS12, fails because it tries to do the same C_InsertPrivateKey.
ResolutionTo correct this issue, obtain a current version of RSA BSAFE Cert-C.

One workaround is available in the Cert-C 2.5 (or later) sample code, or by requesting the updated files from developer support. The p12memio.c sample, which did a PKCS #12 import using C_ReadFromPKCS12 uses the following updated files:

samples/pkcs12/p12memio.c - replacement file

Basically, the p12memio.c file shows the use of C_ReadFromPKCS12 (and it reconstructs another PKCS #12 with the same contents). RSA Security Technical Support was able to use PKCS #12s created using pkcs12exp that contained only RSA private keys and DSA private keys with the modified testcase successfully. The main idea is to use RSAUTIL_InsertPrivateKey in place of C_InsertPrivateKey, since RSAUTIL_InsertPrivateKey will derive the needed info from the private key.
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