000025495 - External Property Provider Loads and Initializes But Isn't Published

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Article Number000025495
Applies ToRSA ClearTrust 5.5.x Property Provider API
RSA ClearTrust 5.5.x PPI
IssueImplement an external property provider via the authorization server's Property Provider API.

External property provider loads at authorization startup and initializes correctly, but attempts to retrieve the property fail; the following exception is logged in DEBUG output:

sirrus.da.exception.DataStoreException: sirrus.authserver.property.impl.NoSuchPropertyProviderException: No property provider named "<Property Name>" exists.

CauseThere is a mismatch between the name of the source of the external property provider as defined in the Entitlements Manager, and the name of the source as configured in aserver.conf.

The authorization server loads property providers that are listed in aserver.conf as follows:


"SampleProperty" is the name of the external property provider; "com.rsa.samples.SampleProperty" is the class of the PPI.  The authorization server loads the class and makes it available internally under the name.  User properties are configured in the Entitlements Manager; externally provided properties are specified there by checking the box marked "Read property value from an external data source".  Checking that box enables the next line, marked "External Property Provider", which takes the name configured in aserver.conf ("SampleProperty" in this case).

A mismatch between the name in aserver.conf and the name configured in the Entitlements Manager will result in the property provider loading correctly but not being found when the authorization server actually tries to retrieve the configured property.  For example, if the source of the property as defined in the Entitlements Manager was specified as "MySampleProperty", the exception logged would read in part 'No property provider named "MySampleProperty" exists', even though the authorization server is correctly providing a property named "SampleProperty".

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