000025577 - sdcommd dying under a heavy load

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Article Number000025577
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
RSA ACE/Server Quick Admin
RSA SecurID Web Express
IssueHow to configure sdcommd to support many connections
sdcommd dying under a heavy load
CauseWhen the Web Administration daemon (sdcommd) is under a heavy load, a large number of sockets (connections to the sdcommd port) will be opened at one time.  Because these connections were not being cleared efficiently, it is possible to reach the limit on the number of file descriptors available on the system.  Reaching the file descriptor limit prevents sdcommd from handling additional connections and will cause the parent process to die.
ResolutionInstall the hot fix from the solution: Unable to start RSA ACE/Server services after stopping them when Quick Admin was used prior to stop
It is recommended to increase the number of file descriptors on the system as an additional precaution so that the ACE/Server will be able to accommodate the administrative load of Quick Admin or Web Express users.

Use the command "ulimit -n xxxx" to set the maximum file descriptors on the system, replacing xxxx with the desired value.  The default value on Solaris 2.6 is 64 which should definitely be increased.  A good starting point is 1024.
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