000025684 - How to install Keon Web PassPort 1.0.1 and also use OneStep samples from Keon Certificate Authority 5.7

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Article Number000025684
Applies ToKeon Certificate Authority 5.7
Keon Web PassPort 1.0.1
Keon Web PassPort - OneStep enrollment
IssueHow to install Keon Web PassPort 1.0.1 and also use OneStep samples from Keon Certificate Authority 5.7
New installation of KCA and KWP
CauseThe OneStep module installed by Keon Web PassPort is an older version than the one installed with KCA 5.7
ResolutionThis document details the steps for a installation of Keon Web PassPort 1.0.1 with KCA 5.7 using the new OneStep module:
1. Install KCA 5.7 and OneStep module.
2. Rename the WebServer/OneStep directory to WebServer/OneStep.orig
3. Install the KWP 1.0.1 OneStep software into the KCA installed location.
C:\PROGRAM FILES\RSA\RSA_KeonCA\WebServer is the default.

Note: If you have an earlier version of KCA installed, Web PassPort will install the OneStep into the earlier version?s path without prompting you for the location. You will then need to copy the file from the earlier version over to you KCA 5.7 directory.

4. Shut down the Keon CA Administration Server if it was restarted by the KWP 1.0.1 OneStep package installation.
5. Copy the contents of the WebServer/OneStep/plugins directory into the WebServer/OneStep.orig/plugins directory.
6. Copy the contents of the WebServer/OneStep/htmldocs directory into the WebServer/OneStep.orig/htmldocs directory.
7. Copy the following files from WebServer/OneStep/cgi-bin directory into WebServer/OneStep.orig/cgi-bin:
libnspr21.dll        libplc21.dll        libplds21.dl        nsldapssl32v40.dll
8. Rename the WebServer/OneStep directory to WebServer/OneStep.kwp.
9. Rename the WebServer/OneStep.orig directory to WebServer/OneStep.
10. Verify  the WebServer/conf/httpd.conf file has the following information:
# OneStep directives
ScriptAlias /OneStep/cgi-bin "C:\PROGRAM FILES\RSA\RSA_KeonCA\WebServer\OneStep\cgi-bin"
Alias /OneStep "C:\PROGRAM FILES\RSA\RSA_KeonCA\WebServer\OneStep\htmldocs"
<Directory "C:\PROGRAM FILES\RSA\RSA_KeonCA\WebServer\OneStep\htmldocs">
Options None
AllowOverride None
# End OneStep directives
11. Restart the Keon CA Administration Server.
12. Import the Web PassPort OneStep package specifying the path for config file
C:\PROGRAM FILES\RSA\RSA_KeonCA\WebServer\OneStep\plugins

After completing these steps, you will now have the latest OneStep files from KCA 5.7, along with the files needed for Keon Web PassPort.
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