000024548 - How to get list of Smart Rules for an application in RSA ClearTrust Entitlements Manager (Admin GUI)

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Article Number000024548
Applies ToRSA ClearTrust 5.5.x Entitlements Manager (Admin GUI)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
IssueHow to get list of Smart Rules for an application in RSA ClearTrust Entitlements Manager (Admin GUI)
While retrieving a list of RSA ClearTrust smart rules, Microsoft Internet Explorer times out after 30 seconds, displaying the top part of the Entitlements Manager (Admin GUI) page, to the point where data should be displayed
CauseWhen using chunked encoding via HTTP 1.1 to return data to the web browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer can incorrectly time out the connection if there is a pause of greater than 30 seconds in the return of the data. RSA ClearTrust Smart Rules are "heavy" objects in the Administrative API; an insufficiently performing datastore can cause the Administrative API to take longer than 30 seconds to return a set of Smart Rules to the Entitlements Manager web application, resulting in sufficient delay to trigger Internet Explorer's incorrect handling of chunked encoding in HTTP 1.1.

NOTE: Internet Explorer's timeout of 30 seconds is hard-coded and cannot be changed.
ResolutionThere are several workarounds for this issue:

1. Disable chunked encoding on the server. This can be accomplished in Apache by using the BrowserMatch directive to detect Microsoft Internet Explorer and downgrade the connection to HTTP 1.0 as follows:

    BrowserMatch "MSIE" downgrade-1.0

2. Disable HTTP 1.1 on the client

3. Use Mozilla Firefox, which does not time out on delays in chunked encoding transmissions

NOTE: Microsoft reports that this issue has been resolved in Internet Explorer 7.0, where the acceptable delay is configurable rather than hard-coded to 30 seconds
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