000022979 - Silent installation of Software token 3.0.6 components selectively

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Article Number000022979
Applies ToSoftware token 3.0.6
Silent installation
IssueSilent installation of Software token 3.0.6 components selectively
Administrator would like to install some of the software token components selectively. The installation guide does not describe the available options.

The information regarding silent installation has been added to Readme.pdf. RSA SecurID Software Token 3.0.6 is provided as a configurable Windows Installer MSI package (RSA SecurIDSoftware Token.msi) that you can use in interactive installations, silent installations, and Microsoft SystemsManagement Server (SMS) deployments. Use the Windows Installer command line (msiexec) if you need to customize the deployment. The following table lists the features available in the MSI package.

Feature                                                        Description                                                                  Mandory/optional

SoftwareTokenAPI                                   RSA SecurID Software Token Core                                          Mandatory

SoftwareToken                                        RSA SecurID Software Token user interface                            Mandatory

SoftwareTokens.DB                                  Startup database                                                                  Mandatory

Documentation                                         Help system and user manuals                                              Mandatory

AdminTool                                              Software token administration tool                                           Optional

LoginAutomation                                      Login automation application for use with 

                                                              dial-up networking                                                                 Optional

BrowserPlugins                                       RSA Authentication Manager plug-ins core Mandatory

                                                            for installing the Internet Explorer or Netscape browser plug-in,

                                                             otherwise                                                                                Optional

IE_Plugin                                                RSA Authentication Manager browser plug-in

                                                            for Internet Explorer                                                                 Optional

Netscape_Plugin                                      RSA Authentication Manager browser plug-in

                                                              for Netscape                                                                          Optional

Sample Installation Command

In this example, you do not want end users to have access to the Administration Tool. In addition, the end users do not need the Netscape browser plug-in or Dial-Up Networking features. The following command uses the ADDLOCAL property to install only those components that the end users need. The /qn option installs the software silently. The /lv option logs the results of the installation. You must enter the ADDLOCAL property in uppercase and the feature names as shown. Replace pathname with the actual path to the MSI file.

msiexec /qn /i ?<pathname>\RSA SecurID Software Token.msi? /lv c:\install.log ADDLOCAL="SoftwareTokenAPI, SoftwareToken, SoftwareTokens.DB,Documentation,BrowserPlugins,IE_Plugin"


To retain the token:

C:\3.0.7>msiexec /qn /i "C:\3.0.7\RSA SecurID Software Token.msi" /lv c:\install.log ADDLOCAL=SoftwareTokenAPI,SoftwareToken,SoftwareTokens.DB,Documentation,BrowserPlugins,IE_Plugin SOFTWARETOKENDB_FOUND=1
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