000020267 - Server is not an Acting Master for this Agent Host

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Article Number000020267
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server 5.0.x (no longer supported as of 8-15-2004)
RSA ACE/Server 5.1 (no longer supported as of 7-14-2006)
IssueServer is not an Acting Master for this Agent Host
ACE/Server does not respond to authentication requests from Legacy (pre-5.0) Agents
CauseHostname of ACE/Server is in a different case (possibly mixed case) than the Replica Table entry
ResolutionTo create a database dump file on the ACE/Server, follow these steps:

1. Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel

2. Double click the ACE/Server icon

3. Click "Stop" and click "OK" to the ACE/Server and ACE/Broker stopped dialog boxes

4. Start Menu -> Run

5. In the "Open" dialog box type "<drive>\Ace\Prog\sddump.exe" where <drive> is the drive letter where ACE/Server is installed

6. Select option to dump the Server Database

7. Copy the files sdserv.dmp, license.rec, sdserv.db, sdserv.bi, sdserv.vrs, sdserv.lg, and sdserv.lic to a temporary directory outside of ace

8. Run sdnewdb to create an empty database on the ACE/Server, selecting the checkbox for "Server database"

9. Open a command prompt on the ACE/Server

10. Run "sdrepmgmt add" at the command prompt

11. Enter the fully qualified name of the ACE/Server using the same case as the name in My Computer -> Properties and accept the defaults for the remaining questions

12. Run "sdcreadm administrator" replacing administrator with the username you are logged in as (the account must have administrative rights to the machine)

13. Run Ace\Prog\sdload.exe

14. Check the options "Server Database" and "Merge records from server dump file with records in current database"

15. Supply the path to the sdserv.dmp file

16. Click OK to load the database

17. Run Configuration Management and Replication Management and make sure the names are matching

18. Start the ACE/Server

19. Run Database Administration, delete, and re-add the Agent Host, specifying the Acting Master using "Assign Acting Servers..."

20. Test authentication on the legacy Agent Host
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