000020764 - RSA ClearTrust Entitlements API call for search users only returns 1000 results

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Article Number000020764
Applies ToRSA ClearTrust Entitlements Server (EServer)
RSA ClearTrust 5.0.1 Administrative Java API
Java API Method ISparseData.search();
C API Function call ct_get_num_of_users();
IssueRSA ClearTrust Entitlements API call for search users only returns 1000 results
Only a maximum of 1000 results are returned even though the Entitlements database has been configured to allow a much greater value
CauseClearTrust Entitlements Server has a hidden limitation on the number of results allowed for an ISparseData object, which by default is set to 1000
ResolutionThe maximum value the ClearTrust Entitlements Server will return for ISparseData object searches can be changed by adding the following line to the Entitlements Server configuration file, eserver.conf:

        cleartrust.eserver.api.max_object_count= <value>  //where value is the number returns allowed

NOTE: Large values can result in the API connection with the Entitlements Server timing-out, causing the following exception:

<----------- Java exception occurred ----------->
sirrus.api.client.ShouldNotOccurError: sirrus.api.client.ServerTimeoutException
       at sirrus.api.client.impl.APIServerComm.execute(APIServerComm.java:123)
       at sirrus.api.client.impl.APIServerComm.execute(APIServerComm.java:76)
       at sirrus.api.client.impl.SparseDataImpl.execute(SparseDataImpl.java:344)
       at sirrus.api.client.impl.SparseDataImpl.getByRange(SparseDataImpl.java173)
       at sirrus.api.client.impl.SparseDataImpl.getByRange(SparseDataImpl.java189)
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