000018180 - Running sdcompress; error: 'TRIGGER ERROR'

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Article Number000018180
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
IssueRunning sdcompress; error: "TRIGGER ERROR"
Sdcompress is not running to completion
Compressing database and receiving trigger error
Error: "Unable to load adm role record (-1).TRIGGER ERROR-> TRIGERROR: tar_wrt.p;Inval."
ResolutionThe database index table may have been corrupted. To rebuild it:

1.First you need to stop the ACE/Server and the database broker.
2. Make sure you have taken the usual backup precautions that is, you have a fresh working backup of the ace/data/ directory or a fresh sddump of the database when the ACE/Server is stopped.

On UNIX platforms:
1. From the ...ace/prog/ directory stop the ACE/Server and database brokers with:
./aceserver stop
./sdconnect stop or shutdown
2. If there are remote administration connections to the database, you need to use
./sdconnect shutdown

On NT:
1. Go to the control panel, open the ACE/Server icon, and stop the ACE/Server.

        On both UNIX and NT platforms, in a command line window:
2. Move to the ace/rdbms/bin/ directory. From there run the following:
./proutil      ...ace/data/sdserv -C idxbuild all

On NT:
_proutil    ...ace\data\sdserv -C idxbuild all

It usually takes a few minutes for this process to complete and at the very end it comes up with a long list of completed tasks.
The administrator should now be able to run sdcompress -s.
Restart the ACE/Server.
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