000021939 - Running an LDAP job changes the scheduled time of the job

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Article Number000021939
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server 5.1 (no longer supported as of 7-14-2006)
IssueRunning an LDAP job changes the scheduled time of the job
The scheduled LDAP synchronization job does not run at the right time
CauseWhen a job is run manually, the scheduled time is changed to the current time so the job scheduler can execute the task immediately (usually within about 30 seconds)
ResolutionThe product has been designed to work this way since the scheduled jobs were anticipated to be run at short intervals. It was preferable to modify the scheduled time for two reasons:

1. It would guarantee that the schedule would not run too frequently

2. The scheduler could be used to execute the LDAP synchronization

To run a synchronization manually on the same data source for which there is already a scheduled job, use a copy of the scheduled job set to 'Run Once' mode. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. In the Administration console, go to Users->LDAP Users->Copy Synchronization

2. In the 'Copy LDAP Synchronization' window, select the job you will want to run manually and click 'Copy'. This opens the 'Edit LDAP Synchronization (Copy)' screen and has all the details of the copied job with the essential difference in that the name of the job has '(Copy)' at the end of it.

3. Modify the name so it makes more sense to you. If it is anticipated that you will have many copies of many jobs, decide on a convention for the names (such as having 'Run' at the start of the names) so you can identify easily which jobs should be run.

4. Click the 'Run Once' checkbox to enable it. This makes the job run just once at the time specified to the left of the 'Run Once' checkbox.

5. Click 'OK'. The newly copied job appears in the list of jobs in the 'Copy LDAP Synchronization' screen. This new job can be run at any time in the future independently of the original scheduled job.
WorkaroundThe scheduled LDAP job was run manually from the User-> LDAP Users -> Run Synchronization menu option in the Administration Console
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