000021570 - How to override task list to view group membership in RSA ACE/Server 5.2 Quick Admin

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Article Number000021570
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server 5.2
Microsoft Windows
Administrative Task List
IssueHow to override task list to view group membership in RSA ACE/Server 5.2 Quick Admin
The help desk administrators are assigned a task list. The task list does not have "edit group" right included in their task list. Default Quick Admin installation does not allow to view group membership data.
ResolutionThis issue is resolved in a hot fix to RSA ACE/Server 5.2. Contact RSA Security Customer Support and request the fix to defect tst00042073. Below are instructions to install:

1. Stop the ACE/Server services

2. Back up the file ace/prog/sdcommd and replace it with the hot fix version for your platform. NOTE: If ACE/Server is running on Windows, you must replace 2 binaries titled sdcommd.exe and sdcommd_session.exe.

3. Create a file titled TaskListOverrides.conf in the ace/prog directory and add the below line:

    <Name of the task list>: add { 770 }

4. Restart the ACE/Server

5. Launch the Quick Admin session. Log in with an account with a task list without edit group rights. Edit a user - you will notice the group membership of the user.

6. Overriding the other tasks: The task list override file consists of a sequence of task list override entries, one per logical line. Each task list should have a separate entry: <task_list name>:<overrides>. The <task_list> indicates the case-sensitive name of the task list that is being overridden. The task list name is delimited by the beginning of the line and a colon. Therefore, one should not include additional white space characters before or after the task list name.

The <overrides> includes all task list overrides for this task list. Overrides are grouped as add or remove overrides as follows:

    add { <task_list_items> }
    remove { <task_list_items> }

All tasks to be added to the task list should be included in a single add-override group containing comma-separated, numeric task ids. Similarly, all tasks to be removed from the task list should be included in a single remove-override group containing comma separated, numeric task ids. All numeric id values for various tasks are listed in utils/tcl/bin/sdtask.txt file. You can determine the numeric task id for a particular task from the sdtask.txt file.
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