000021774 - How to configure Virtual Hosts in ClearTrust Web Agent

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Article Number000021774
Applies ToRSA ClearTrust 5.0.1
RSA ClearTrust Agent
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0
Apache 2.0.39 for Microsoft Windows

Sun Solaris 2.8
IssueHow to configure Virtual Hosts in ClearTrust Web Agent
Within the RSA Cleartrust's agent installation folder, there is a webagent.conf file within the conf directory. Within this file, there is a "global" section of parameters, "pool" section of parameters, and "virtual host" section of parameters. By default, there is one VirtualHost block defined with that matches all virtual hosts:

<VirtualHost address=* name=* port=*>

If there are no configuration parameters present within this VirtualHost, block the agent utilizes the configuration parameters found within the <GLOBAL>?</GLOBAL> tags.
If configuration parameters are utilized within the VirtualHost declarations blocks, then for these specific VirtualHosts, the configuration parameter values within the VirtualHost definition will override those within the global section. For example:
<VirtualHost address=8080 name=* port=*>

will define specific configuration parameters for virtual hosts on port 8080 that override the settings in the GLOBAL section.
NOTE: Multiple VirtualHost definitions can be created in addition to the default VirtualHost declaration.
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