000022318 - How to retrieve RSA ClearTrust user's exportable properties through Runtime API

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Article Number000022318
Applies ToRSA ClearTrust 5.5.x Runtime API
IssueHow to retrieve RSA ClearTrust user's exportable properties through Runtime API
When looping through keys in the result map from the RuntimeAPI.authenticate( ) method or the RuntimeAPI.authorize( ) method, casting the value for each key to a string throws a ClassCastException on processing the key ResultConstants.CT_USER_PROPERTIES
CauseWhen the call to authenticate or authorize a user is made over a connection for which OptionConstants.PROPERTIES_OPTION is set to OptionConstants.ON, the RSA ClearTrust Runtime API returns the exportable properties of the user as a java.util.Map under the key ResultConstants.CT_USER_PROPERTIES; the map contains string keys naming each property, and a java.util.Set of the values of that property (this allows for multi-valued properties to be correctly delimited in the data structure). Attempting to cast a java.util.Map as a java.lang.String causes a ClassCastException to be thrown.
ResolutionThe Java instanceof operator can be used to check whether or not the returned value for a key is of type java.util.Map:

HashMap result = runtimeProxy.authenticate( userMap ) ;
Iterator iter = result.keySet( ).iterator( ) ;
String key ;

Object value ;
while( iter.hasNext( ) )
    key = (String) iter.next( ) ;
    value = result.get( key ) ;
    if( value instanceof java.util.Map )
        printMap( (Map) value ) ;
        System.out.println( key + ": " + (String) value ) ;


See the Javadocs for sirrus.runtime.ResultConstants for the associated value for each possible key.
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