000025271 - How to determine how many certificates have been issued under current Keon Certificate Authority user license

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Article Number000025271
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Keon Certificate Authority
RSA Version/Condition: 6.0
Platform: Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris
ResolutionWhen the Keon Certificate Authority directory server is started, it writes to the log how many valid users have been found in the database under license. For Windows, this can be viewed through the Event viewer. For Sun Solaris, this information is in the system log.
You can also get number of ACTIVE user and CA certificates using X-Parse (it's the same number that shows up in the logs when you start KCA Directory Server). Under your ../<KCA-install-directory>/WebServer/admin-server/ca/ directory, change the file 'about.xuda' by locating the following section in the file:
 !if xuda_config.userLimit="NULL"
   !if xuda_config.licensee!"NULL"
     [licensedTo] for unlimited use.
   [licensedTo] for [xuda_config.userLimit] users.
 !if xuda_config.export="1"
   Export version.

Also, add the following line and save the file:
 !if xuda_config.validcertificatecount!"NULL"
   Currently using [xuda_config.validcertificatecount] user certificates and CA certificates.

To execute 'about.xuda' in KCA Admin Server, go to:  https://<KCA host name>:<admin port no>/ca/about.xuda
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