000033457 - How to enable Verbose logging without consuming your Disk Space on RSA Authentication Manager 8.x

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Article Number000033457
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RSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: RSA Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.x

IssueHow to run Verbose Logging forever without consuming your Disk Space?
Resolution1. In the Security Console, click Setup > System Settings.
2. Click Logging.
3. Change the Trace Log to Verbose.
4. If you have more than one replica and chose the option of 'Apply the above settings to the replica instance(s) upon save', then please apply the steps below on all servers
5. Login to the server using ssh, as rsaadmin
6. Switch to root user

sudo su - root

7. Edit the crontab file

crontab -e

8. Add the following line in the crontab file, then save and exit, note that this file uses vi editing options.

0 0 * * 0 rm /opt/rsa/am/server/logs/imsTrace*

This will remove the imsTrace files on a weekly basis and you edit that time by editing the above command, below are some tips that can be useful
@rebootRun once, at startup
@yearlyRun once a year, "0 0 1 1 *"
@annually(same as @yearly)
@monthlyRun once a month, "0 0 1 * *"
@weeklyRun once a week, "0 0 * * 0"
@dailyRun once a day, "0 0 * * *"
@midnight(same as @daily)
@hourlyRun once an hour, "0 * * * *"